Friday, March 26, 2010

Disney Surprises

Dear Gentleman Readers,

I am assuming that you would secretly love to do some fabulous things for your significant others, but never have any good ideas. Therefore, I am here to help.


Okay, this may be a faulty premise on my part.

That said, Walt Disney World is a wonderful place to surprise a loved one with an extraordinary gift or a unique experience. Just in case you are a marvelous human being and would like to do something nice for someone special in your life, I have a few suggestions for you.

A Carriage Ride – There are a couple of these available, at Fort Wilderness and at Port Orleans. Prices start at $35. There are even seasonal options, like haunted hay rides at Halloween and sleigh rides at Christmas. Call 407-WDW-PLAY for details.

A Nice Dinner – Surprise that special someone with a fabulous night out (Disney will even watch your kids, for a fee). If you can really splurge, nothing tops Victoria and Albert’s, but that’s a hefty $125 per person, plus an extra $60 if you want the wine pairing. I can personally recommend Jiko and The California Grill as being absolutely wonderful. I’d really like to try Citricos and Narcoossee’s, as well, and I’d say you’d be pretty safe putting either of those options into play. Menus and pricing can be found at or

A Boat Cruise – Disney offers both daytime and evening cruises, some of which take place during Wishes or Illuminations. Prices start at $95, but generally run higher. Call 407-WDW-PLAY for additional information.

Behind-the-Scenes Tours – I would only recommend these as a unique surprise for a real Disney fan. That said, you can do everything from a Segway Tour at Epcot to Lunch with an Imagineer at the Brown Derby in Disney Hollywood Studios. How cool is that! Call 407-WDW-TOUR for more information (or 407-WDW-DINE for the meal).

Spa – There are some fabulous spas at Walt Disney World with some unique options, such as Adirondack Stone Therapy and Mystical Forest Body Masque & Wrap. I’m just saying.

If you want something totally unique and completely personalized, I recommend either turning to Disney’s Dream Makers or the pixies at Gifts of a Lifetime. Imagine this: You have just finished the aforementioned carriage ride. The driver turns to the two of you and says “It seems we’ve found the lady’s slipper”. He then hands your wife a glass slipper nestled on a pillow of carnations with a note “So glad the slipper fit. Happy Anniversary.” How wonderful is that?! I’m honestly welling up as I type this. And their gifts aren’t limited to the romantic sort. They don’t even have to be sent by a person at WDW at the time (the recipient does need to be at WDW, of course). Say you have a family member who has just gone through a traumatic experience, like battling an illness or a messy divorce. Why not send a Cinderella-themed floral arrangement to the woman who came through adversity with the grace a true princess? And engagements – you can make this not only an event to remember, but one you’ll be able to brag about for the rest of your life! These ideas and many more can be planned through

Gifts of a Lifetime ( is not a Disney company, but they do several Disney experiences tailored to your wishes, from scavenger hunts in the parks to decorating your room for Christmas. Prices start at around $175.00.

Of course, the coup de grace would be to greet your wife at the door with the suitcases packed and say, “Guess what? We’re going to Walt Disney World! I’ve arranged with your boss to get you off work, I made provisions with the kids’ teachers to get them out of school; I booked the airfare and made the hotel and dining reservations. Let’s go!” Since I’m guessing that’s about as likely as the moon turning to green cheese, I highly recommend my other suggestions to anyone looking to surprise their “special someone”.

Don’t worry guys; sometime I’ll write a post about things your wife can do for you. At Walt Disney World, I mean. Geez!

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