Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ain't Misbehavin'

Dear Fellow Disney Guests,

Are you acting like complete morons because you are far from home and assume you'll never see us again, or are you this stupid all of the time?


No, I'm not being too harsh. We've all encountered this person: The Stupid Guest. The loud, inconsiderate, annoying, rude guest. Are you "that guest"? Here are some signs:

1. Screaming Children -- I'm not blaming the kids here. Kids scream, and you can't expect to reason with a six-month-old. But if your infant is screaming non-stop in a theater where 2,000 other people are trying to watch a show, good manners would dictate that you exit the theater to calm your yelling youngster. Of course, there are always those lovely parents that are screaming hysterically at their kids. Nice example, really.

2. Attack of the Killer Strollers -- Here's a news flash: strollers are a mode of transportation for people too young or small to navigate the parks on their own. They were not designed to be used as battering rams by impatient parents.

3. Parade Patience -- If I've been waiting for 30 minutes in this spot to watch the parade, you have no right to cut in front of me. If you wanted to have this spot, you should have gotten here first.

4. Throwing Food -- I can't believe I even need to mention this, but sadly I do. Parents: don't let your kids throw food. I don't want the remains of your child's meal in my hair or on my clothes. Also, don't let your kids feed the animals. Feeding birds means aggressive birds, and more birds. More birds mean more bird poop. I've even seen people try to feed small alligators. Because teaching alligators to associate humans with food is such a good idea.

5. Characters -- Yes, I know your child has been waiting his whole life to meet Mickey, but so has everyone else's children. And for goodness sake, be nice to the characters. Pulling Tigger's tail or hitting Donald isn't funny; it's mean.

6. Swearing -- You are surrounded by small children. At no point does it occur to you that you may want to keep your F-bombs to a minimum?

7. Smoking -- I'm all about individual liberties, but at no point does your right to smoke trump my right to breathe clean air. There are designated smoking areas at WDW, and the line for Peter Pan's Flight is not one of them.

8. PDA -- I don't car if you're gay, straight, bi, young, old, black, white, green, or purple. Date/marry whomever you want, and celebrate your love everywhere, including WDW. Just do it in good taste. Holding hands and sweet kisses are fine, but a WDW park bench is not an appropriate spot for making out. Neither are the boats on it's a small world or Pirates of the Caribbean, for that matter.

9 Center of the Universe -- Issues happen everywhere, and how you handle them says a lot about you. By all means, let a cast member know if there is a problem. But does berating a 20-year-old kid making $8.00 per hour truly make you feel that much better? So, you didn't get the resort room view you wanted. Or Cinderella took a break right before your kid's turn to meet her. Or your waiter screwed up your drink order. Is screaming like a banshee going to improve the situation?

10. Public Nudity -- Do you really need me to tell you not to do this? Really?

11. Public Peeing -- There are restrooms about every fifteen feet at WDW, and they are all clean and well-maintained. There is no reason to let your kid cop a squat outside Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Or your drunk buddy, for that matter.

No, I'm not exaggerating. Sadly, I've seen all of the above behaviors exhibited at WDW. I try to remember that the people around me are hot, overwrought, and probably sleep deprived. But we're all in this together folks, so as Woody would say, "Play nice".


  1. Just got done reading most of your blog. You are hilarious and we need more women Disney bloggers! I just submitted on of your posts to Dismarks so hopefully you'll get some traffic here. I'll tweet it for you as well.

  2. Are you SURE I can't make out on the boats in Pirates of the Caribbean? Not even a little bit?

  3. Love it!!!! I've witnessed most too, except for nudity (except for small children). I wish all WDW travelers would read this.

  4. How about if you're a cheerleader, please don't cheer or yell in the parks, on the buses, or especially in restaurants. No one thinks you're cute or entertaining (except maybe your parents, who should not be allowing you to do this!)

  5. Get over yourself lol, are you a member of AARP?? I hope you get hit by an atomic f-bomb!!

  6. You forgot about people who let their toddlers go unattended and cut up to the front of the lines of rides or characters and then act like they had no control. Then take out their camera or follow them onto a ride like they had no idea there was a line. Drives me crazy!

  7. I NEVER saw such rude behavior as on our last Disney trip in Dec. I was shoved, walked into and thru, and one guy even blocked my way on purpose, to be mean or play with my head, I don't know. It was a week of cheerleaders and ball players and their families, and they "took over" Port Orleans Riverside. We e-mailed Disney afterwards, as it ruined any time spent at the resort.

  8. The stupid guest that affected our vacation ran over and "saved" the stone bench at Belle's Storytime literally right out from under me as my children and I were sitting down. I'm not one to make a scene, but I had arrived early to wait in line for a good seat. I hadn't seen her waiting in line, so I spoke up about her rudeness. My husband encouraged us to take the high road and sit somewhere else, but I hold a grudge... Fortunately, my husband and daughter were chosen to participate in story, so I don't have to post her picture and "call her out" to the world for bad behavior! LOL

  9. This one did it for me - thanks for saying what we all feel. I'm adding your blog to my list of favs.

  10. Amen! I was going to post some of these items--all of which seem like common courtesy to me--on the DisBoards site, but was afraid of public outcry by people telling me that they paid the same amount of money for a ticket that I did and they could do what they wanted.