Monday, February 21, 2011

"Without 'U' There'd Be No 'US'"

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my sister-in-law?

Okay, I really love all of my in-laws.  It’s true that when you marry someone you marry their whole family, and I totally lucked out.  (And I’m not just saying that to suck up, because they rarely read my blog.)  So I guess I should say that other than not being huge Disney fans, they are really fabulous people.

But right now, I’m feeling a special fondness for my wonderful sister-in-law, Mackenzie.  Why?  Well, as I’ve mentioned previously, my New Year’s Resolution this year was to try to have a “fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants” Disney vacation.  Instead of booking my ADRs six months out, planning my daily park itineraries step-by-step,  and researching optimal places to stop along the way down for gas and restroom breaks, I was going to (gulp) wing it. I’m having nightmares already.

But then Mackenzie called.  She has decided to take a Walt Disney World vacation, and is coordinating it with our trip in December.

Now, Mackenzie and her family never go to Walt Disney World.  I think they’ve been there exactly once, and that was so long ago that her son Ethan was too young to remember it.  So the way I see it, if I’m responsible for not only planning the vacation of myself, my husband and my daughter (all of whom have visited Walt Disney World, well let’s just say, more than once) but also for helping to plan what could well be a once-in-a-lifetime trip for several loved ones, then it’s my responsibility to scrap my resolution and plan this trip down to the last detail, right?  Right?  

And a planning experience it will be.  We’re all driving (1061 miles, have I mentioned that before?), we’ll be visiting Walt Disney World and Universal, and we'll be staying in multiple hotels.  In addition to that, it’ll be for a group of seven: an 11-year-old, two 16-year-olds, a nineteen-year-old, and three 30-somethings (and the potential of a 28-year-old, but that's still up in the air).  Oh, and that’s also two vegans, two very basic, non-adventuresome eaters, and three foodies.  We also run the gamut from early risers to night-owls, from type-A personalities (I wonder who that could be?) to laid-back, relaxed, calm individuals.  This is going to be a new experience for me, and one I would have never had if I hadn’t received that call from Mackenzie.  So, thanks Kenz; I owe you one!