Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mea Culpa

Stitch Kingdom recently posted to Facebook that the intro to my article “Let the Memories Begin” looked suspiciously like a news blurb they had written earlier.  Upon reviewing them side by side, I admit that they are correct, and that I worded my intro much more similarly to their press release than I ought to have.  My sincerest apologies to them, and to all of my readers.


  1. An apology! Holy moley! You may get thrown out of humanity for...well...acting like a human. So refreshing. I acknowlege your humbleness.

  2. What a nick-picky thing to point out, and especially on Facebook. Stitch Kingdom is history for me.

  3. No, don't be mad at them! It really is my fault! I was in a rush to get my post out, and not paying close enough (or awake enough) attention to what I was doing. In the future, I'll try to focus more on the quality of my posts, instead of the frequency! Thanks, though. :)
    It's gonna be one of those days...