Monday, July 26, 2010

Let the Memories Begin

A recent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts offers up a service mark with the name Let the Memories Begin. There is no additional information (that I know of) beyond the service mark itself, but it certainly does lend itself to a marketing slogan.  Of course, only time will tell.  That said, it brought to mind some of my favorite Disney marketing campaigns of the past.  I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, so I thought I’d share.  I was going to rank them according to my favorites, but I found it impossible to choose.  I hope you enjoy them!

Too Excited to Sleep:

When you Wish Upon a Star:

Remember the Magic:

Magic Happens:

Talk to Me in That Special Way:

Voice of Experience:

Be Our Guest:

Be Our Guest # 2:

Waiting My Whole Life:

Happiest Homecoming:

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