Monday, May 24, 2010

"Look at all These Rumors Surroundin' Me Every Day"

There are a lot of rumors floating around right now about possible changes coming to Walt Disney World.  I thought it might be fun to discuss a few of them.

1.  Possible new pavilion coming to Epcot's World Showcase -- The previous front-runners here were Russia and Greece. But a dark horse is emerging from the pack and gaining momentum: Turkey.  Personally, I'd still rather see Russia or Greece, but then I'm certainly no expert on what a Turkey pavilion may have to offer.  Refurbs for Japan, Norway, and Germany have been rumored, as well.

2. Staying with Epcot, there's also a rumor that Le Cellier may experience some changes and upgrade from Table Service to Signature Dining status.  The downside is that there will be an increase in cost (and will require two dining credits instead of one), but on the other hand, this should make it easier to get an ADR there.

3.  Improvements are allegedly in the works for Expedition Everest's Yeti at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  I won't believe this one until I see that guy working with my own two eyes.  Anything that they do short of shutting the ride down for an extensive refurb would just be a temporary patch, not an actual solution.

4.  There's talk of the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular at Disney's Hollywood Studios being shut down to make way for a Star Wars themed show and restaurant, possibly to debut simultaneously with Star Tours 2.0.  I like Indy, but I'm always up for more Star Wars!

5.  We've already discussed the new Interactive Mickey that could one day come to the Magic Kingdom (, but I've also heard on this that if Mickey is successful, he may be followed by Minnie, Goofy, Pooh, and Tigger.  You'd also be far more likely to see them at a character meal then in a traditional theme park meet and greet.That way, Disney can try to make a little money without technically charging you to meet them.

Again, let me emphasize that these are unsubstantiated rumors, and my sources are just the same Internet rumor mills that everyone else reads.  I do think it's fun to speculate, however.  What do you think of these rumors?  Do any of them appeal to you? Are there any additional ones you've heard?  Let me know over at!


  1. I think it would be very unlikely that Greece would join World Showcase with their current economic problems. I would see Russia as more likely to spend the money to gain a pavilion.

  2. If Mickey talks, he need to talk everywhere...or else us poor parents will be stuck trying to explain why the morning's chatty Mickey has gone mute by lunch time.