Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Training the Newbies

As we plan for our upcoming Walt Disney World trip with some family members who are not WDW veterans, I’ve decided to start emailing occasional trip tips to them to help them prepare.  And since I’m in a sharing frame of mind, well, here you go!

It’s 6:45 A.M.  You are sound asleep in your Disney resort room until you are jerked awake by the sound of a phone.  You grope for it blindly and bring the receiver to your ear.  Before you can mutter a groggy “Hello?” the following blasts into your ear:

Your first thought is probably one of the following:

A. “It should be illegal to be that cheerful this early.”
B. “Does this thing have a snooze button?”
C. “I am going to kill Aunt Teri for making me get up at 6:45 on my vacation.”

Yes, it sucks to get up that early.  But trust me; the first several hours of each day are the most important of your Disney vacation. You are going to thank me when you get to walk right on Toy Story Midway Mania or Space Mountain when the schmucks who don’t roll into the parks until 11:00 are stuck in line for two hours for the same attractions.

Since you’ve bothered to haul your bottom out of bed that early, it’s important to make sure you don’t waste precious time dawdling.  I’m mean really, what sounds like more fun: getting yelled at by your mom to brush your teeth and comb your hair, or riding Expedition Everest?  Remember, you only have to get yourself ready in the morning.  Your mom is trying to get all of you organized and out the door, so help her out, okay?

Also, there are ways you can help speed up your Disney mornings before you even leave home.  How?  Pack smart.  If you put each day’s outfit (including underwear and socks) into separate Ziploc bags, you can just pull out a bag and have an entire outfit ready, instead of digging through your suitcase to find a pair of clean socks (and do you really want to risk grabbing a less than clean pair of underwear?).  This may sound like I’m going a little overboard in the organization department, but anything that gets you zipping down Splash Mountain sooner is worth the effort!

P.S. My thanks to for posting the link for the Mickey wake-up call!

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